“Jamming blues rock band Chris Colepaugh and the Crew construct their music on big riffs and spacious, impressive solos.  Their 2016 record RnR is consistent, driving and can get intense for the genre, a live sound coming off their recordings.” – SXSW 2016 Operation Every Band

(Live Review) “Adding to the overall package was the undeniable fact that the trio genuinely enjoyed sharing the stage with each other, all of which served to remind just how skilled Colepaugh is at writing timeless songs and just how seriously this group needs to be taken.” – Canadian Beats

(Review of RnR) “Tight, high efficiency rock & roll” – Jeff Liberty “Take Liberty” CBC

“RnR hits hard. Heavy riff rock. Soaring guitar harmonies that would make any southern rock act envious.” – Grid City Magazine

Nicely-paced and stripped-back in its approach, ‘My World’ (single) develops into an instant, old school rocker, with fans of My Morning Jacket sure to lap this up. – When The Horn Blows

Colepaugh lays down the groove early and often throughout the record, delivering his acclaimed guitar work with a finesse typically associated with some of the greatest guitarists of his generation. – Musicnerd.ca

“Stripped down rock and roll.” – Bread & Molasses

RnR is a blues infused, southern rock masterpiece that displays Colepaugh’s impeccable guitar playing and vocals in a manner that manages to capture the essence of the Muscle Shoals sound of the late 60s and 70s. Tracks like All These Faces and Thinkin’ About You (a complete reworking of a previously released track) evoking memories of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Muscle Shoals album and the Cosmic Crew all but channeling the Swampers. Canadian Beats.ca

Originaire du Nouveau-Brunswick, le guitariste virtuose Chris Colepaugh a enflammé la scène avec un rock’n’roll australe qui était un croisement entre ZZ Top et Credence Clearwater Revival. Culture Plus

” Fans of soulful southern rock should check out the new album from Chris Colepaugh and The Cosmic Crew, Missed a Page, which was released this past Tuesday. This is the eighth album for the band and they continue to produce masterful tracks that only seem to improve. Missed A Page is a smooth blend of classic rock and meaningful lyrics with a twist of southern twang that is only intensified by the use of the pedal steel guitar”
The Argosy, Album Review CCCC Missed A Page

“Colepaugh first caught my ear at SXSW a few years back with an impressive blast of blues-influenced rock. If you like muscular guitars and melodic rock riffs, , you’d be hard pressed to find a better song (Some Things Never Change ) , or heck, a better release, this year,
Twangville.com , John Mayer’s review/playlist

” Chris Colepaugh is all about the melody.  That’s not to say this son of Southern blues doesn’t rock, Just listen to what happens when he unleashes his doubleneck Gibson on such tunes as “Some Things Never Change” on his latest album “Missed A Page”.  Guitar riffs don’t get much thicker than this.”
Relix Magazine, Album Review

” I was blown away by the Canucks Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew as the gravelly soul in Colepaugh’s voice was a the helm of this band, which can lay down a wicked southern-fried boogie with a kick in the ass.  The dude has a cool beard too.
Jambase.com / SXSW Showcase review


“There may be a very simple reason for the influx of the Canadian music talent in the Untied States. Just ask fellow northern neighbor Chris Colepaugh , recently signed Gibson artist who, along with his band, Cosmic Crew are quickly establishing themselves among the ranks of successful Canadian acts to cross the border.
Gibson.com USA Artist profile

“…If there’s one thing that can be said for Colepaugh, it is that he isn’t afraid of a challenge. Having known him for over 20 years, I have witnessed him grow into a musician’s musician, mastering the drums before moving on to guitar and everything in between the two instruments…”
Ken Kelley, Music Nerd Chronicles

“Vocalist/guitarist and his Cosmic Crew deliver old-fashioned rock crossed with alt-country. Sounds like Gov’t Mule meets the Jayhawks”
Explore Music

“The instant Chris Colepaugh saw Steve Stills play Sweet Judy Blue Eyes in the film Woodstock, he knew what he wanted to do with his life.  He wanted to be a guitarist like Steven Stills, who was still with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young at the time.  In the era of guitar gods and showy axemen such as Jimmy Page and Hendrix, this admittedly, was an unusual aspiration but for Colepaugh, playing guitar isn’t about how fast you can play, but how beautiful the melody.
Denis Armstrong, The Ottawa Sun

“I’ve seen a guy like Chris Colepaugh in front of 1,000 people and I’ve seen him in front of 15 people and he plays the same way, just takes over the stage. I have a lot of respect for people who come from the hinterland and support their own scene, and I always leave going ‘Man, I’ve gotta work harder.”
Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar/Grady producer for Government Mule ) with HERENB

“Colepaugh and his crew have been a part of the east coast scene since the early 90’s and are considered one of the hardest working outfits on the Canadian scene.”
Centertainment Review

While the jam band and progressive rock scenes in the States continue to thrive, thanks to a startling number of passionate and gifted acts, it’s been relatively tough sledding for those musical forms in this country. However, the upward direction that Chris Colepaugh’s career has taken is a sure sign that rock music fuelled by instrumental intensity does have an audience in Canada – and a devoted one at that – if it is properly minded. Heading into a Saturday night show a the Sidetrack Café, the Moncton, NB – based guitarist, singer and songwriter expects nothing less than the rabid reception he’s enjoyed in other parts of this country during his lengthy road trip.

“This is our ninth tour across Canada and we see the turnouts in every city and town we play picking up, “says Colepaugh.  For some time now the adventurous musician who appreciates the ground tilled by The Grateful Dead and Phish has enjoyed pulling in to what he terms “cool hot spots” for the band.

Saskatoon, Fernie and Canmore are three of the places in the West where fans are familiar with the extended and trippy excursions this tight and telepathic trio use as a calling card.

“We’re known for putting on pretty intense shows.  My philosophy is I want the performance to be a show. Some jam bands forget that element, “continues Colepaugh, who is starting to gain notoriety stateside, particularly along the eastern seaboard of that country, where the band recently toured with the North Mississippi All-stars.
Thanks to some connections via a friend working for Artimus Records, which distributes Tone Cool – home base for the All-stars – Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew were introduced to what he says was “a read made crowd for us.”
“One show was in front of a crowd of about 5,000 in Providence, RI and we kicked the living daylights out of them.”
That run has elicited interest from labels and distributors in the States and the band does have four complete recordings ready to move in that market. “I’m convinced live performances will be the focal point of the business again.  This is old school style, just like what Genesis did long before the band had any hits,” insists the band leader who wrote the bulk of the material on the latest Cosmic Crew disc, Trip.

Chris Colepaugh and Lynn Daigle of the Cosmic CrewAs I write this, the first snow of this winter is falling outside, which is kind of funny, because In Your Backyard, the latest disc from Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew, is a perfect summer album: think Dave Matthews Band’s groovy jams with an ample shot of classic rock and blues. It also happens to be one of the best East Coast albums of the year.

All three musicians are in top form, and the production is crisp and clear without being too busy, allowing the songs to shine. And what songs they are: soon-to-be-classic rock tunes with impossibly catchy riffs, soaring Stevie Ray Vaughan-like vocals and stellar work by Daigle and Sasnyiuk. It’s hard to pick a highlight when the album is so consistently good, despite the decent if unmemorable lyrics. Colepaugh and company avoid repetition by mixing up straight ahead rockers (“Caught Up to You”), lighter-waving ballads (“California Mountain”), fiery blues (“Runnin’ Out”), and twangy country (“Don’t Want You ‘Round No More”). The disc even closes with a great cover of Neil Young’s classic “After the Goldrush” that turns the original song’s sparse desperation into a cathartic anthem.

So, go pick up a copy of In Your Backyard, bundle up in your snowsuits and enjoy summer all over again, snow or no snow. And be sure to check out Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew when they hit George’s Roadhouse later this month.
ARGOSY – Mount Allison University, New Brunswick

“ Chris Colepaugh has that same addictive sound that music lovers will quit their jobs and load up their VW vans for, and spend days on the road just to trade stories with other fans and to be “present” at every show.”

“ Moncton’s quadruple C has gone through many changes since 1995, and TRIP is evidence of all the blood, sweat and miles the duo of CHRIS COLEPAUGH and LYNN DAIGLE have witnessed.  It is a well-crafted and serious piece of blues rock jammery.”
REVERB: Halifax, NS

“ Moncton’s Chris Colepaugh and Lynn Daigle are the Cosmic Crew, and they transform this Eastern community into a rolling and rocking landscape where one swears they can actually see the Golden Gate Bridge off in the horizon. “
EXCLAIM: Toronto, ON

They have been called one Eastern Canada’s hardest working bands, and Colepaugh himself has received high praise for his soulful and passionate guitar playing, as well as his songwriting. Imagine Bachman Turner Overdrive meeting the Grateful Dead and you will start to get the picture. They rock, they groove, they play the blues and they are not to be missed. See you there.”
SOOTODAY.COM: Sault Ste Marie, ON




chris and roch

Et comme il avait deux talentueux guitaristes (Chris Colepaugh et Christian Péloquin) sous la main, Roch Voisine a saisi l’occasion d’insuffler un peu de tonus aux succès. La Presse

Accompagné de cinq musiciens, dont le guitariste de Moncton Chris Colepaugh, Roch Voisine a entamé son tour de chant, vendredi, avec une pièce de Neil Young, Heart of Gold, tirée de sa trilogie Americana. Acadie Nouvelle

Canadian signer Roch Voisine (left), of New Brunswick, performs with Chris Colepaugh at Canada House at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games on Friday February 14, 2014.
Neil Davidson/The Canadian Press